Our Story



We are building the world's most technologically advanced title insurance agency from a quiet little beach town in Florida.

We wanted to disrupt an entire industry in Florida while wearing shoes as infrequently as possible..

This is literally sunrise on Vero Beach.  No filter.  Just pure awesomeness.


We moved to Florida for the same reason you did.  Beaches, golf, beautiful birds and kind people.

Also like you, as outsiders to the title industry, we didn't understand why title insurance was so darn expensive, especially in Florida.  So, we set out to make title insurance cheaper in Florida through technology, which was sort of our thing.

We read up on something called the Butler Rebate, which was a court case that happened in the State of Florida way back in the year 2000 that said title agencies could offer rebates to their customers to make their Florida title insurance policies cheaper.

We looked around and found that the vast majority of title companies didn't give their customers discounts (we certainly didn't get one when we moved to Florida, no one even MENTIONED it.)  They only talk about their "superior service" and "years of experience" and "fancy leather chairs". 

Pish posh.  Who cares?  Everywhere has good service, decent experience and comfortable chairs or they wouldn't be in business, right?

In the end, we decided that Florida title companies didn't make Florida title insurance policies cheaper for one of two reasons:

Reason 1:  They couldn't afford to due to inefficiency. 

They were using a manual process of title search and an underwriting procedure that was over a century old.  They charged what they charged because they had to charge that much in order to keep the lights on.


Reason 2:  They were just greedy.

We decided to change the Florida title industry for the better by implementing technology to make Florida title insurance policies cheaper, and passing the savings on to our clients in the form of a Butler Rebate.

This isn't a real check obvi.  But we use it to represent the savings that we give to each and every Silicon Title client via a Butler Rebate of up to 21% of the agency-share of their promulgated Florida Title premium.

PropTech?  FinTech?  InsureTech?   YES.

After learning that the title industry was built on a business model that was around a century old, and that title insurance in Florida was especially expensive and reliant upon antiquated, manual processes we put on our consulting hats and thought of a better way.

We decided to do away with the heavy manual labor back office model for primary title services, and implement a tech stack that would do a lot of the work for us via:

1.  Predictive Analytics

2. Machine Learning

3. Artificial Intelligence

4. Blockchain

We implemented this cool stuff while we were at IBM for huge banks, so we decided that we could implement it on a smaller scale to provide the cheapest Florida title insurance via Butler Rebates.

So, by combining blockchain, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with efficient human operators, we can provide residential and commercial real estate stakeholders with a title insurance platform that is cheaper, faster & better.

And we try to do it while wearing shoes as infrequently as possible.  (We will put them on if you come into our office for closing though.  No promises of wearing shoes if we do a remote online closing though.)

Give us a shot to impress you.  Either book a title order now, or setup a quick 15 minute call with our founder to learn more.