Free Mastermind

There are so many awful masterminds out there that literally cost thousands and thousands to join.  We decided to make the very BEST real estate industry mastermind... and then make it FREE.

Our squad understands marketing for title agencies, lenders & Realtors.

Some people don't want to read a 300+ page book.

No doubt our book is freaking awesome, but some people learn better by interacting with others, watching videos and listening to podcasts.

If you are overwhelmed with trying to figure out the fastest way to build and grow a business in the real estate market, whether it be as a lender, a Realtor or a Title Agency, and if you're like us and lack patience for fluff, you're probably looking for the "shortcut".

Essentially, you are probably asking yourself:  "Can I put the material in the book to use right away, without having to read the book?"

Yes, the mastermind group will turbocharge your ability to understand how internet marketing works for real estate professionals, especially if you have questions like:

- How can I find clients online in my farm / market area?

- The market is SO competitive, how do I stand out?

- How do I find my "niche"?

- How do I get away from needing to offer "discounts" on my fees?

- How do I duplicate my expertise so I can do more volume?

- How do I market to higher-ticket clients so I can do fewer transactions and still make more money?

Still skeptical?  Just not sure?

The mastermind is for you if:

- You are a good person and you like to help others.

- You are not afraid to ask friends for help when you need it.

- You have been desperately trying to think of a way to scale.

- You want a proven method to start attracting higher value clients.

Believe it or not, the internet marketing formula is very similar for Real Estate Agents as it is for Mortgage Brokers and Title Agencies.  The real trick is to merge the three ecosystems and make the commitment to helping one another thrive.

That's what this mastermind is.  First and foremost, it is for friendship and fellowship.  Beyond that, we help one another book wins and our founder Nicholas participates in the Facebook Group on a daily basis.

He personally vets every single new member, either in person, via phone call or via written application.  Why?  Because he doesn't charge for the mastermind, so he expects EVERYONE to bring their A-GAME and treat it like the valuable resource that it is.

Free coaching from a consultant who worked in private equity and for the largest tech and finance companies in the world?  It's true, all you have to do is apply by booking a complimentary 15 minute call to verify who you are and make a promise to not spam our members because spam is super lame and everyone hates it.