Start a Florida Title Company!

The only thing better than getting an instant rebate on title insurance in Florida is creating a profitable joint-venture with Silicon Title. 

If you are a high-volume real estate professional looking to own your own title company, Silicon Title is your answer.

Is your real estate brokerage closing at least 20 real estate transactions per month?  Are you tired of giving all of the title insurance profits away to another company?  Are you looking for a way to recapture these profits while staying RESPA compliant?

Well, we wrote the book on it for starters.

We can help you create a RESPA-compliant joint venture with Silicon Title!  We help you form a new title company to create an "affiliated business arrangement" which is a fully operational and staffed title company that is designed to focus solely on the deals that your real estate organization generates.

These joint ventures will usually receive a management fee as a percentage of gross revenue and then a healthy percentage of the profit derived from the venture.

The Silicon Title brand and standard operating procedures have been developed into a turn-key platform based upon technology and capable human processing. 

Schedule a free, no-obligation 15 minute meeting where we can help you start a Florida title agency as a joint venture with Silicon Title!