Our founder built Silicon Title on the foundation of the NIST cybersecurity framework.  We can protect you while we get your deal closed.

We protect lenders against title defects.


Our experience meets or exceeds TRID compliance guidelines and we routinely self-evaluate against “Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices” provided by the American Land Title Association (ALTA).

Every title agency will say that they are "security-focused" but how many of them have a founder who was educated alongside employees from the NSA, FBI, DoD and the largest financial institutions in the world?  


How can Silicon Title help a MLO with marketing?


Silicon Title is a startup, so we know what it's like being the new kid on the block.  We understand the challenges that agents face, especially when starting-up as a MLO in a super competitive geography.


Our founder has two Ivy League degrees, so he's pretty big on the whole "education thing" and quite frankly believes education to be a great equalizer.


Silicon Title approaches education in a three-pronged manner:


1.  We have written a book. 


We can send you a copy for FREE because the book is worth less than the $25.00 statutory gift limit.  "Title Coach" has literally over a hundred pages of education about internet marketing for professionals associated with the real estate industry. 

Order your copy here.



2.  We have created a private Marketing Mastermind group.


This mastermind group is GROUND ZERO for the merging of real estate ecosystems that generate referrals.  This is also the primary delivery method for all new technological tool and educational seminar announcements.  It is a PRIVATE group, so you must apply to get in.  There is no cost to join the group, so we police the group to ensure that everyone follows the rules and there aren't any spammers or scammers.


Schedule a free 15 minute Mastermind Interview Call.


3.  Educational Events (Virtual & In-Person)

We have amazing, free educational events; most are webinars due to COVID-19, but as vaccinations become more widely adopted, we will host in-person educational events in the larger hubs of Florida. 


Some selected seminar topics:


- Facebook Ads for Mortgage Loan Originators

- Instagram Ads for Mortgage Loan Originators

- Building your YouTube channel as a Mortgage Loan Originator

- How to market via SMS as a MLO and stay TCPA compliant

- How to find High Net Worth Clients as a Mortgage Loan Originator

- How to build a MLO website that doesn't suck

- Why cybersecurity is important at closing so your clients don't lose their house to cyber criminals



Joining the Mastermind is the fastest way to get plugged in. 

​​​​​​​All you have to do is apply by booking a complimentary 15 minute call to verify who you are and make a promise to not spam our members because spam is super lame and everyone hates it.