We are often asked if Silicon Title is an "investor friendly title company" for Florida real estate investors.  Well, you can bet your beach ball we are!

What is an "investor friendly title company" you ask?


Florida real estate investors often call to ask if Silicon Title is an investor friendly title company.  We are investor friendly, and here we will explain a bit more about what it means for a title company to be "investor friendly."

See, the founder of Silicon Title is an investor too; and he knows that investors consider every dollar spent in the consummation of a transaction to be a dollar of lost profit.  This is why Silicon Title provides a Butler Rebate to every customer, whether that customer is an investor or not. 


Beyond the Silicon Valley Butler Rebate effectively lowering the cost of title insurance for Florida real estate investors, our team is savvy in the processing of title for different types of real estate investors, primarily wholesalers and fix-and-flip entrepreneurs.


Silicon Title home of the Butler Rebate for Florida

How do I find an "investor friendly" title company?


Good job.  You found one.  It's us at Silicon Title.

For those of you who might be new around here and just aren't quite sure what you've stumbled upon with Silicon Title, or just what characteristics make a title company "investor friendly," we've developed a handful of frequently asked questions to make you feel comfortable using Silicon Title as your investor friendly title company in Florida: 


1.  Can you explain how you work with simultaneous closings?


This usually occurs with Florida real estate wholesalers when they are looking for an investor friendly title company.  Essentially, the investor would like to use the END BUYER's money to close the transaction with the Florida title company instead of using hard money or their own capital to float the transaction until the end buyer pays for the Florida property.


2.  How is a simultaneous closing different from a double-closing?


A double closing will usually invlove a well funded investor who has secured the property with their own funds prior to selling the property to another individual in rapid succession.  Often the same day.


3.  Will Silicon Title settle a transaction for a Florida Land Trust?


Any Florida title company that holds themselves out as being an investor friendly title company must work with Florida Land Trusts, it's part and parcel to the gig!


Generally, you do not need to provide a copy of the Florida Land Trust, but in some instances we may need a copy of the trust to satisfy our underwriters.  


4.  Does Silicon Title work with "Subject To's" or "Sub 2" or "Sub To" investment transactions?


Of course.  Florida Sub 2 investment transactions aren't terribly common, but they can happen in the world of Florida real estate wholesaling. 


Essentially Subject To investing means that the investor will pay the existing mortgage while the property remains in the seller's name, but the investor takes title to the property.  


5.  Does Silicon Title understand that my deal is different?  My deal is special!  Have you ever seen this Purple Title Cow?


Look.  We get it.  Sometimes investors are a little unorthodox when getting a deal papered.  We will work with you, and while we haven't seen EVERYTHING... we understand the intricacies and nuances of an investor transaction.


We are looking to get you paid fairly and securely whether you are making $25K on a wholesale transaction or undergoing a multi-million dollar commercial acquisition.  Don't worry.  We got this!

How can Silicon Title help an investor find deals?

Silicon Title is a startup, so we know what it's like being the new kid on the block.  We understand the challenges that agents face, especially when starting-up as an investor in a super competitive geography.

Our founder has two Ivy League degrees, so he's pretty big on the whole "education thing" and quite frankly believes education to be a great equalizer.

Silicon Title approaches education in a three-pronged manner:

1.  We have written a book. 

We can send you a copy for FREE because the book is worth less than the $25.00 statutory gift limit.  "Title Coach" has literally over a hundred pages of education about internet marketing for professionals associated with the real estate industry. 

Order your copy here.

2.  We have created a private Marketing Mastermind group.

This mastermind group is GROUND ZERO for the merging of real estate ecosystems that generate referrals.  This is also the primary delivery method for all new technological tool and educational seminar announcements.  It is a PRIVATE group, so you must apply to get in.  There is no cost to join the group, so we police the group to ensure that everyone follows the rules and there aren't any spammers or scammers.

Schedule a free 15 minute Mastermind Interview Call.

3.  Educational Events (Virtual & In-Person)

We have amazing, free educational events; most are webinars due to COVID-19, but as vaccinations become more widely adopted, we will host in-person educational events in the larger hubs of Florida. 

Some selected seminar topics:

- Facebook Ads for Real Estate Investors

- Instagram Ads for Real Estate Investors

- Building your YouTube channel as a Real Estate Investors

- How to market via SMS as an investor and stay TCPA compliant

- How to find High Net Worth Clients as a Real Estate Investor

- How to build a Real Estate Investor website that doesn't suck

- Why cybersecurity is important at closing so you don't lose your investment capital to cyber criminals

Joining the Mastermind is the fastest way to get plugged in. 

​​​​​​​All you have to do is apply by booking a complimentary 15 minute call to verify who you are and make a promise to not spam our members because spam is super lame and everyone hates it.