FSBO (for sale by owner)

Some Florida homeowners choose to sell their own homes.  Choose Silicon Title for your closing and get professionalism and an instant rebate on your title insurance premium!

Can I really get an instant rebate as a FSBO?

The founder of Silicon Title has sold two homes as a FSBO, and was only able to do so because he had good guidance from the title agencies that he used to settle the transaction (but neither one offered a rebate, instant or otherwise.)

Like you, he considers every dollar spent in the consummation of a transaction to be a dollar of lost profit on the home he was trying to sell.  This is why he founded Silicon Title and started the initiative to provide a Butler Rebate to every customer, whether that customer is a FSBO transaction or not. 

Beyond the Silicon Valley Butler Rebate effectively lowering the cost of title insurance for Florida FSBO (For Sale By Owner) sellers, our team is savvy in the processing of title for different types of real estate transactions including residential, commercial and raw land.

Silicon Title home of the Butler Rebate for Florida


Still not sure?


All you have to do is apply by booking a complimentary 15 minute call to verify who you are and a few details about the property that you are looking to sell.  The call is no obligation, but will probably be educational and maybe even a little bit entertaining.  We look forward to the chat!