Builders & Developers

The only thing better than getting an instant rebate on title insurance in Florida is creating a profitable joint-venture with Silicon Title. 

Builders and developers can create a profitable Joint Venture with Silicon Title.  Own your own title company!

Yes, we have an excellent dirt-to-close consultancy where we can introduce construction lenders or help with pre-sale program organization.  Sure, that's all good stuff and we are happy to do it.

What's even better is creating a RESPA-compliant joint venture with Silicon Title where a new title company is formed to create an "affiliated business arrangement" which is a fully operational and staffed title company that is designed to focus solely on the deals that your development and builder organization generates.

These joint ventures will usually receive a management fee as a percentage of gross revenue and then a healthy percentage of the profit derived from the venture.

The Silicon Title brand and standard operating procedures have been developed into a turn-key platform based upon technology and capable human processing. 

Schedule a free, no-obligation 15 minute meeting where we can help you understand how to grow and retain profits from Florida title insurance operations with SIlicon Title!